Healing Services


Close examination of the iridies (each iris) reveals where in the body we need strengthening and cleansing. That is, where we need to focus to achieve optimal balance in your body. Muscle response testing (MRT) may be used to determine weaknesses to strengthen or detox as well.  You will discover exactly what YOUR body needs to attain homeostasis and optimal health. Close attention is paid to the emotional, physical and mental states of each person during the consult. Some solutions may include  eliminating or adding particular foods, nutrition education,  juicing, specific herbs, energy healing, specific exercises, mediation, custom-made bach flower therapies and other holistic approaches. A personalized comprehensive plan for each client is created and sent out within 24-48 hours after the consultation. This service is available one-on-one OR remotely for your convenience. (Photos are examined followed by phone session).

  • Initial Consult: $200
  • Check-in: $100


Relax and feel the difference. Available in person or remotely. (Crystal healing during sessions welcomed upon request.)

  •  $60 (30 minutes)- distance only
  •  $100 (50 minutes)
  •  Package of 3/50 min: $250
  •  Package of 6/50 min: $500

Distance Healing

Reiki and energy healing through time and space

This very powerful and convenient healing is commonly called “Distance Healing” but is also referred to as “absentee” or “remote” healing. This is an energetic healing performed for someone who is not physically present and focuses more deeply on the emotional and mental levels.  However, it works on the physical body as well, just as traditional hands-on Reiki does. With distance healing, there are many different techniques.  I specifically use Reiki healing, intuition, visualization, and Chakra balancing in every session and incorporate other healing techniques that are necessary. During the session, the client will relax at home  following a set of instructions sent to them beforehand. The session itself is a beautiful, relaxing,  cleansing healing, and often times an emotional release experience. Preceding the session, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself and what to expect afterwards. You will receive a full page report after your session via email.

  • $100 (50 minutes)
  • Package of 3: $250

Clean & Clear

Would you love to make a major change in your life? Or simply shift out of old habits to live a more healthy, happy, peaceful and energetic life? Well, this is a program in which I work one-on-one with people wanting to create a substantial shift in their lives, holding them accountable every step of the way. I will help you attain your goals in mind, body, and spirit- the “Cliff Notes” way! I know many people desire a better life, and many simply do not have time to do the research or clarify what is true, what is false, what is in, what is out,  and what really works! How to create the life that truly resonates with you- having limitless happiness, energy, and health- in every sense of the word. You deserve it, and I – a true health passionista – have created a program that is perfect for that person! I have literally done the work for you!  With you,  I create a program that is uniquely personal  depending on your lifestyle, time available, personal preferences, goals, and the results you would like to achieve.

Some tools I incorporate are nutrition, eating more purely, eliminating toxic foods, herbs, medication counseling, different forms of exercise, living in an environmentally safe home, feng shui, detoxing from people, places or things, artistic expression, becoming more clear, prioritizing, reigniting personal life passions, personal styling (fashion, makeup, etc), changing thoughts thus changing emotions, creating peace and balance, and manifesting the life you crave. I will shop with you, clean out your cabinets, find recipes, go with you to yoga class, feng shui your home, educate you on medication, your body, herbs, rebalance you, reenergize you,  help you remember what is important to you, meditate with you, go through your closet, and much more!

  • $300, Mini visit, 2 hours- if needed to focus on one area
  • $800, package of 4 visits, 2 hours each*
  • Other packages available upon request

*Consult or visit once weekly for first month. After first month, minimum once every other week. Notes: 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations or full amount of service will be billed.